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TCA Peel

The face is one aspect of our body that nobody can compromise on. Where being fair and spotless is considered a set standard of beauty, there is always an increasing pressure on women and even men to have a blemish free skin. However, there are certain stubborn discolorations and pigmentations that are resistant to all the creams and local fairness products on the market. How do you get rid of these blemishes to get that clear skin you always dreamed of? Aside from all the useless skin care products claiming to rid you of these skin pigmentations, we give you a proven solution. TCA peel, an easy solution to all your blemish worries in an instant.

Many spas offer you the TCA peel treatment, but before we delve into the details, let us first tell you what it really is. TCA stands for Trichloroacetic acid, a treatment focused on stimulating the new skin to grow and fill out those imperfections to give you a clearer and more perfect skin. The benefits of the peal are countless. Here we enlist a few from its stockpile of uses:

  1. Helps remove uneven skin pigmentations
  2. Dry spots and flaky skin don’t stand a chance
  3. Sun burns and dark spots are history
  4. Treats any number of freckles
  5. Despicable blackheads are no more a worry
  6. Pore congestion is treated
  7. Reduces the fine lines and aging wrinkles for a younger appearance
  8. Significant acne scar improvement
  9. Scarring from skin burns can be remedied
  10. Fades away old tattoos from existence

Whether you suffer from skin burns or are having a bad case of regular dry spots, the TCA treatment can be of much benefit. Besides this, those of you who have dry, flaky skin and uneven skin pigmentations can also avail the Trichloroacetic acid treatment to relieve themselves of these disfiguring hassles. Numerous spas offer this unique treatment option, as the rapidity of its effects is nothing short of miraculous.

In addition to the above-mentioned qualities, acne and blackheads and even tattoos are faded off by the TCA peel, so how does the treatment really work? When you initially visit a spa for the procedure they apply a certain chemical called Retin-A to your skin to prepare your skin for the main process. Retin-A causes your skin layer to thin off so that the Trichloroacetic acid could penetrate deep within. This is done for a month during which, you are also advised to stay clear of the sun. The spa specialists will then cleanse your skin as a prerequisite and begin applying the peel. TCA is a moderate strength peel and penetrates into an average length of your skin to peel it off.

The whole procedure can take up to 15-60 min depending upon how extensive a treatment you desire. Once you are done, your skin will probably look a mess initially, but that’s not a worry as it is supposed to look that way. As the weeks roll past you will begin to see a definite improvement and a clear, flawless skin shining through the redness. The spa may ask you to revisit for a follow-up to assure proper healing and fast recovery. In the following weeks, you will be required to moisturize your skin with a bacterial ointment and pay extra attention to protecting your skin from the sun. Slowly but steadily, the skin will recover and you will start to see the effect the treatment brought.

Once the 8 weeks are past, you will see rapid results clearly etched across your face. All the darkened areas, the uneven skin tones, and blemishes would have been gone to be replaced by a new, healthy and rejuvenated skin. From then on, enjoy being the center of attraction in your friends and family. Usually, we waste time spending money on different skin products. Wouldn’t out like to escape from these regular fairness cream and skin product troubles? Choose a longer lasting solution. Choose TCA peel. The answer rests at your nearest spa, get the TCA treatment to completely rejuvenate your skin to give yourself a 360-degree makeover!