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Chemical Peels

Chemical peel is a form of treatment used to revitalize, improve, and smoothen the outer surface of the skin. It is a form of exfoliation called chemexfoliation. It is a process of applying chemical solution on the skin to repair or remove damaged outer layer of skin to reveal a clearer and dazzling appearance. They are safe and very effective.

There are different varieties of chemical peels and they are differentiated based on the depth to which they peel. We have the light chemical peels, moderate, and deep. The difference in depth is determined by their acidity (pH), and how long they stay on the skin. Light chemical peels exfoliate the outer layer (epidermis), while moderate and deep go deep into the skin (dermis). They can be applied on the face, eyes, hands, legs, back, chest or any part of the body. We offer chemical peels to any part of your body.

What are chemical peels made of?

Compounds used to make chemical peels are gotten from nature. Compounds like:

  • Glycolic acid – Derived from fruits and plants
  • Lactic acid – An acid derived from milk
  • Salicylic acid – An organic fruit compound

What are the benefits of chemical peels for your skin?

  1. Chemical peels exfoliates the top layer of skin which allows a healthier skin to shine through
  2. Our skin has a thing called skin renewal factor which replaces dead skin cells with new ones. When we were young, our renewal factors were fast, hence, the smooth skin on babies. Growing up, the renewal factor slows down. Chemical peels can help bring these renewal factors back up to speed.
  3. Due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in chemical peels, they help remove acnes.
  4. It helps to remove scars caused by acnes from the skin and soften the skin
  5. There are some chemical peels that can be used on oily skins as it eats away the oil.
  6. Chemical peels can also be used on dry skins to soften and moisturize them.
  7. Chemical peels also helps to treat the skin damage caused by the sun
  8. It helps to relieve razor bumps
  9. It removes wrinkles and fine lines
  10. Reduces spots, hyperpigmentation and freckles

How do chemical peels work?

When chemical peels are applied to the skin, it dissolves the layers of the skin that are damaged. When the tissue is dissolved, the skin heals itself. A new tissue comes out and brings about smooth skin. The ways each variety of chemical peel works and are applied differ from each other.

Chemical peel application is a safe and affordable treatment and has no risk like cosmetic surgery. If you crave a smoother and younger skin, schedule a free consultation to discuss more in detail.

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