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Eyelash Extension

Having long, thick and full eyelashes has and will always be a sign of beauty. Eyelash extension is a way of enhancing the look of your normal, existing eyelashes by adding synthetic, silk or mink hair. Extensions are light, thus allowing them to be worn without even noticing they are there. This procedure is a painless and safe one. They are applied by using non-toxic adhesives that doesn’t cause irritation because they are made for customers with sensitive and normal skins. Eyelash extensions look like normal eyelashes as they are resistant to perspiration, heat and water. Yana Skin Care will help determine the best type of eyelash that will be suitable for you, considering color, degree of curliness and thickness. We offers eyelash extension with dramatic look, natural look and fuller look

Most of the benefits of eyelash extensions are cosmetic. Here are a few of the numerous benefits:

  1. Using them make you look fresher and younger as it make your eyelashes look longer and thicker while still maintaining their natural texture. Eyelash extensions draw attention to your eyes.
  2. Some people do not have good looking eyelashes. This may be due to genetic reasons. Extensions bring attractive, longer, and fuller eyelashes.
  3. Eyelash extension can be applied when you opt to change your appearance facially. Extensions come in different sizes, thickness and colors. Thin and scanty eyelashes can bring about lack of confidence. Yana Skin Care can help you to get an extension which will boost your confidence.
  4. One amazing thing about eyelash extension is that compared to other eyelash products used to gain engaging and beautiful eyes, it is the best. Take the mascara for instance, you have to apply again and again, but when it comes to eyelash extension, all you need to do is to visit us and retouch every month or two.

The application of eyelash extension is a painless and relaxing procedure that takes between 1-2 hours. Your eyes will be closed throughout the process and you might even fall asleep. Each natural eyelash is isolated one by one and the extensions are applied with an adhesive. The extensions are applied about 1mm from the base of the natural eyelashes, and they won’t touch your skin, as well as the tweezers used to install the extensions. So it is a painless procedure.

Since the natural eyelashes are shed, the extensions too will be shed with them. You have to go back to the spa to get a refill or retouch done after 4-6 weeks. With eyelash extensions, you can get that attractive face.

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