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Permanent Make-up

Makeup, something that most women won’t dream of stepping out, without. What was once a simple dash of powder on the face is now a complicated, multistep process that has become a time consuming and hectic part of every woman’s routine. Eyeliners, lipsticks, a million different types of foundations, highlighters and whatnot, the time to get ready is increasing with every new product on the market. No wonder, women take so long to prepare, for even a 5 minutes outing they need to prep for at least 20 minutes before they deem themselves presentable enough. What if there was a way you could just step out after a simple face wash? Would you like to wake up to a beautifully done face every time you sleep? Yes, permanent makeup has made this possible.

Yana Skin Care is offering this opportunity to have permanent makeup put on your face. However, not everyone is familiar with what this new development in fashion is. Permanent makeup employs cosmetic tattooing on your face by highly trained professionals. Our technician have more than 15 years of experience and have mastered the art of applying different types of makeup and can provide you with a whole list of options to apply on your face. May it be, a becoming eyeliner on the top lid or enhancing liner at the bottom one, permanent enhancement of eyebrows such as 3d eyebrows, hair line stroke, powder look eyebrows or the application of the lip liner or lip color of your choice, the permanent makeup can offer you all of this and more. At Yana Skin Care, we only use organic colors.

The numerous benefits of this branch of cosmetics are self-evident; here we enlist a few to help you realize what you are missing:

  1. Bonus time saver, spend that 40 min period doing something that you really want
  2. No smudges, no more danger of ruining that perfect wing
  3. The plump lip dream is finally a reality, in a more safe and pretty way
  4. No more allergy concerns
  5. Look your best in high energy sports, even while swimming and cycling
  6. Transform your blemishes
  7. People with disease such as vitiligo or moles can finally cover up their marks

Many celebrities have opted for the look to save time and excessive amounts of money spent on expensive brands of cosmetics. Not only this, you don’t have to worry about contracting different allergies either, having had your makeup done once, literally, there is no way your skin will ever be exposed to the influencing natures of different cosmetics, so definitely no more oily faces at the end of the day and no pimples. Not only this, people who have certain skin diseases can also use the help to make themselves blemish free.

Needless to say, permanent makeup is setting new parameters for the world. The stress of having to go through an entire hour of getting your face ready might just be on the brink of being over. This way, whatever the event or time of the day, you can rise to the occasion in an instant. This also means that whenever you need to outdo yourself a bit you have a choice to enhance the lighter tattooing to make it more event appropriate, giving you the advantage of both sides. With the treatment becoming more common by the day, the choice is given to you, would you rather spend 50 min in front of a mirror at least 2 times a day, or would you want to get a permanent escape.

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