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European Wax

European wax is a hair removal treatment that involves the use of heated wax resins to quickly, efficiently, painlessly remove unwanted body hair from the root up. European wax at Yana is made of natural ingredients, is designed to use low heat and does not use strips. It is also known for pain free waxing.

Our European wax is made of one hundred percent natural beeswax (all natural elements) which means no alcohol or chemical agents. Using natural elements reduces the chance of adverse reactions or irritation as a result of the process, such as red bumps or ingrown hair.

European wax at Yana Skin Care uses low heat for the melting process of the wax. The temperature is similar to that of warm water which results in no burns and reduces chance of irritation or rash.

Our European wax doesn’t involve the use of strips. Strips not only leave more mess but tend to be less effective. At Yana Skin, the smoother European method combined with the raw application method leaves skin feeling silky smooth to the touch.

European wax is a painless treatment and most of our clients after experiencing European waxing does not want to go back to regular waxing.